Jul 282009

image Not a new issue but judging by recent discussion on Step Change In Safety it is worth reviewing the use of PTFE tape on oxygen cylindres.

No-one needs to be told, we hope, that hydrocarbons and oxygen get along far too well, literally like a house on fire. PTFE tape is often, and unwisely, used as a thread sealant. In standard PTFE tape oils and greases are often used to help lubricate the threads as they are tightened.

Put all that together and cheap tape might give you a little too much bang for your buck.

Based on advice from Mike Riley at BOC:

Do not use PFTE tape at all on compressed gases.

Do not use PTFE or other thread sealing lubricants on oxygen cylindres.

Do not use PTFE tape on bullnose fittings. If a satisfactory seal cannot be achieved then the bullnose fitting may need to be replaced (Look after those bullnose fittings, too, inadvertent scoring can reduce the seal).


Here, with thanks to Michael, a cylindre with properly used high-grade PTFE tape and, right what you should never see or do: PTFE tape on a medical regulator (might be worth taking  look in the ship’s medical facility and emergency equipment?)


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