Jun 222009

Captain Kirk-style command chairs have been causing  a problem, warns Marine Safety Forum. They have a habit of not commanding:Command chair out of control?

Recently two  incidents with chartered vessels equipped with bridge command chairs with manoeuvring handles attached to the chair had a fault; these chairs are also able to move automatically backward and forward.

On both occasions the bridge Officer was not able to send the command from the chair to the control station, or one of the other command chairs.
An investigation on one of the vessels discovered the following:

  • Poor quality of a cable under control chair SB, caused by moving it many times back and forward.Cable of poor quality caused a short-circuit inside of it, as command switch at starboard chair has closed contact and it is not possible to send the control to another control station.

Based on this, we recommend vessels that have automatic command chairs are able to move back and forward using remote control, to implement a regular visual check of cables in their PMS, to avoid similar incidents.

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