Jun 172009

Britain’s General Lighthouse Authorities, GLAs, are asking for comments and suggestions as they prepare the 2010 Aids To Navigation Review. MAC will collect any comments you make and pass them on.

The Aids to Navigation review is published every five years and since the last one, in 2005, there have been developments in the eNavigation concept at the IMO, increasingly widespread use of low maintenance LED lights, the development of AIS as an Aid To Navigation and, for the Northern Lighthouse Board, improved LORAN capabilities at Anthorn.

Most of the recommendation made in the 2005 review have been implemented.

For the next review the GLAs are looking for comments about the provision of Aids To Navigation in UK waters, especially whether the current mix is adequate and appropriate and whether there are areas where there are too many or too few.

MAC will bundle up any comments and forward them.

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