May 032009

Lifeboat D-Ring Alert

Swine Flu Advisory

Don’t Lose Your Head When the Job Changes

Got An SST?

Put The Tardis Next To The ECDIS?

Now For The Good News – Four Years No LTA For Raisis Rig

Protect The Pirates Out Of Existence

Oil and Gas Set Up Helicopter Task Group

Danish Seafarers Get Terror Compensation

Post-Alabama Maersk Maintains ‘No Guns’ Policy

Maersk Kithira Death – Staff Didn’t Appreciate Risk

Sitting On A Drive Shaft Could Damage Your Tackle

Subic Bay Beers All Round for US Captain’s Release

SAFEDOR Completes Safer Ships Project

Pirates, Alabama and the Jones Act

Step Change Reflects on Piper Alpha and 2008

Maersk: We Don’t Need Security

Time for the Q-ships return?

Fire Protection Updates

First 3D Used In Former USSR

NI Launches Career Development Project

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