Apr 292009

Lifeboats are hazardous enough without adding dangerous, substandrd fittings during maintenance, as his safety alert from the Marine Safety Forum warns:

“A recent incident in offshore operations highlighted some actions related to lifeboat/Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) maintenance that should be taken immediately. During the incident, the lifeboat fall Dring
failed while load testing the lifeboat and wire fall assembly. It was found that the failed D-ring was non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and was of welded construction rather than the
forged construction originally supplied by the OEM.

The immediate actions resulting from this incident are to:
1) Only use OEM equipment on new and existing lifeboat/FRC and lifeboat/FRC fall assemblies, except when changes have been subject to the appropriate MOC and approved by the relevant Marine Authority; and
2) Conduct all load testing, maintenance and inspection of lifeboat/FRC and lifeboat/FRC fall assemblies using detailed procedures that have been subject to a risk assessment and approved by the relevant Marine Authority.

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