Jan 152009

US magazine Professional Mariner seeks nominations for the 2009 Plimsoll Awards.

Plimsolls are awarded in three categories:
• Outstanding service by an individual
• Outstanding service by an organization
• Innovative product or service

The awards will be presented at the CMA Shipping 2009 conference on March 24, in Stamford, CT USA. Deadline for nominations is January 23, 2009. Nominations should be submitted by email to editors@professionalmariner.com.

The Plimsoll Awards recognize individuals and organizations that embody the spirit of Samuel Plimsoll by making outstanding contributions to safety in the maritime industry. (Plimsoll was a member of Parliament in Britain who fought against unsafe maritime practices, specifically the overloading of ships. His efforts led to passage of the Unseaworthy Ships Bill in 1876, which required ships to have marks indicating safe load lines.)
Click here for nomination guidelines and award criteria.

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