Jan 272009

It’s been a while since our last up on what going on with our main site at www.maritimeaccident.org so here’s something to keep you busy:

New Podcast – The Case Of the Rose Assassin

Das Boot Gets Last Bite

General Alarm – Hydrostatic Copy-Cats Can Kill

Ferry vs Lighthouse, Lighthouse Wins

VDR Failures

Generics – Are They Worth Ships They’re Sinking?

Beware of Tow Rope Twangs and Nut Showers

ORB Conviction Upheld – New Offence?

To IG Or Not To IG, That Is The Question

SOSY09 – Recommend a Risk Ready Reckoner

Engineer Scalded – Risks Not Mapped

IMB – Rise In Piracy “Unprecedented”

Pride of Canterbury: A Threesome With Bad Habits

Stay Alive – Check Your Meter

Freefall release fears shut platform

Shoot The Crew Says NEPIA

Good News – Iceland Null Point

Pivoting On A Point In A Paddling Pool

Think Positively Says HE-Alert

Cheating On A Chain Stretcher Could Send You To A Stretcher

MOB Cantara Preliminary Report Out

Stop, Step Back To Escape The Rose Assassin

SOSY09: Listening Post For Seafarers

MCIA Update

Website of Note: Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa

Son of A Bahamanian Seaman?

Confined Space Entry Deaths Nothing New

Flying Phantom: Three Dead Because Lessons not Learned

ECDIS and Incompetence

Arming Ships – The Blackwater Factor

Tug Man Gets Screwed

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