Sep 142008

How does BBC News explain the complexity of maritime trade to its viewers? It tags a container with a GPS and tracks it around the world with the help of CSIS and NYK Lines. Currently it’s stuffed full of scotch on its way to China and websurfers can follow its progress around the globe on the BBC website.

Other than a paint job, the project isn’t costing the BBC much. Explains Jeremy Hillman Editor, BBC business ansd economics centre: “Surprisingly, this project will not be costing the BBC much over and above the coverage costs for the editorial content. ]Whilst we have paid a little for the branding of the box and some technical costs the fact this is a working container means it will be earning its own keep. We are keeping our fingers crossed the Box does not fall overboard”

What adventures await the BBC Box? Will it spent six weeks in a container yard in Ulan Bator? Fall off a ship, like the thousands of teu that drop off decks every year, and circulate in the Sargasso Sea for eternity? Be discovered stuffed full of illicit Mercedes labelled “dry goods” in Manila? Will it be arrested for spying on North Korea? Will it end up being looted on a beach in Devon?

It’s a wild, wild world for a container out there. If you see the BBC Box, let us know, sent a photo if you can.

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