Jun 112008

Captain Richard Coates, FNI has been elected to the presidency of the Nautical Institute (NI) at the organisation’s annual general meeting, held in Antwerp.

Captain Coates, who succeeds Captain Nicholas Cooper as President of the international organisation, will serve for two years.

In his inaugural address, he stressed the importance of the role of the Nautical Institute, and of increasing this influence through major growth of the international membership, while working ever harder to encourage the recruitment of younger members.

He added, “The Nautical Institute is a unique body, with a highly qualified, experienced and motivated membership. Our opinions and experience become ever more worthwhile in a world where core values are easily forgotten or overlooked”.

After spending nearly 30 years as a member of The Nautical Institute, and having served in various capacities within the Humber branch and within the NI, Captain Coates has long held the belief that The Nautical Institute plays a vital role in ensuring that the shipping industry not only remembers the lessons of the past, but also identifies solutions to the problems of the future.

Captain Coates played a major role in shaping the NI’s Strategic Plan 2005-2010, and is currently heading up their “Stress and Fatigue project”. The aims of which are to raise awareness of the problems associated with stress and fatigue, to encourage and foster schemes to accurately record the hours of work and rest, while influencing the industry to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of inspections, surveys, and audits of ships and their crews.

Currently Operations Manager, Humber Sea Terminal, his career has also included service on various ship types, first class Humber pilotage, and he is an Elder Brother of Newcastle Trinity House.

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