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This week’s news reports of the collision between the Norwegian Dream and a container-carrying cargo barge in Montevideo generated a certain sense of warm familiarity.  The last Norwegian Dream collision in 1999 caused far more spectacular damage and was blamed on an over-burdened bridge officer too distracted by paperwork to navigate safely.

According the CNN, the Norwegian Dream collided with a burning cargo ship in the English Channel, which was one of the sillier headline. The ship was the Ever Decent which caught fire after the collision, which chewed a chunk out of the Norwegian Dreams bow right back to the collision bulkhead.

Sadly, the Bahamas Maritime Authority report on the incident is no longer available (If anyone has a copy and would be willing to donate it to our library, let me know), but the broad details are well known enough.

So, now for a bit of ‘movie trivia’. During the development with IDESS Interactive Technologies of the American P&I Club’s pilotage video, Stranger On The Bridge, we set the three different incidents in three parts of the world: North America, Europe and Asia. Although the first two closely follow real incidents we couldn’t find on in Asia that really fitted what we wanted to show or the issues we wanted to deal with, but we did find one in the English channel that fitted nicely – The Norwegian Dream.

So, we took the lessons learned from the Norwegian Dream/Ever Decent and created a new, fictional, story around it set in a fictional Korean port involving a collision between a fictional oil tanker and a fictional car ferry, the latter very loosely inspired by the Norwegian Dream.

In the funny, or not so funny, coincidences department just as the video is about to be released, the Cosco Busan hits the SF-Oakland Bridge while under pilotage, there’s a major oil spill in Korea and the Norwegian Dream has an argument with a cargo barge.

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