Aug 062007

The illustrated transcript for The Case Of The Bosun’s Crush is now online through the transcripts page.

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  1. Capt. Tom Bolcar

    Everyone I kinow has had at least one bad accident resulting from working with this type of crane. Owners and builders want ever decreasing clearances because shippers do not want to charter ships with wing areas as they slow productivity and complicate the loading process. SOLAS needs to return vessel designers to the old 30 inch (.75M) clearance for walkways. Design to protect not to endanger.

    Emergency cut offs should be on strings suspended around the entire base of the crane port and starboard. There is always an emergency cut off. It always is away from the accident or there woukdn’t be an accident.

    Radios yes, but an owner or operator finds it difficult to maintain radios in the maritime environment on a fleet of ships, and guarantee they will be used, kept charged, or that there is no language barrier. Shore radio traffic can render these devices usless in some ports. Loud whistles work just as well. They can be purchased by the box full.

    High Visability there is no excuse for dark cloors and non reflective clothing. Stevedores spot their deck men because of these things and their attention is drawn away from the crew.

    The missing guard could very well have been the responsibility of the deceased, but it is shared Chief Officer, and by the engineering department. Thiis points to a lack of training and oversight.

    Capt. Tom Bolcar

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