Unival Reveals Paranormal Counter-Piracy Suite

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Jan 312011

Naked Wiccan priestesses to defend seafarers, voodoo to protect

Unival, which markets the well-known HEDD1 bomb-drug-Elvis Presley detector which uses what the company calls “intangible science” to imbue telescopic radio antennae dowsing rods with magical aether is to launch counter-piracy measures using similar technology.

At a so-far undisclosed location near a bank an undisclosed number of specially-trained Wiccan High Priestesses have been equipped with an undisclosed number of crystal balls with which to monitor the proximity of pirates to client’s vessels. An undisclosed executive says: “Counter-piracy monitoring team is very well experienced. They have been handling balls for a number of years”.

Should a pirate threat be verified the Wiccan Priestesses will cast aside their clothing, dance naked in a circle and project curses through the ectosphere at the approaching skiffs, a process dubbed Synchronous Holistic Intervention Technology.

Says the Unival executive: “Balls and SHIT provide an all-encompassing protective zone that has proven as effective in this domain as the HEDD1 has proven effective in its domain”.

An optional protective measure available to clients is the provision of a highly decorated dried gourd rattle which can be shaken at attackers. Says a retired army colonel: “Acoustic deterrents are a well-establish technology. We have been criticised for the installation fee of $25,000 dollars per ship but you must remember this is a high quality product: each bead is a pulped and super-compressed copy of the Harry Potter book of your choice”.

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