Titan Uranus Hoax – Solved

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Sep 112009


Titan Uranus – Real or Photoshopped?

A while back MAC checked out the photograph claiming to be the Titan Uranus and determined that the photograph was a hoax – the vessel’s IMO number, clearly visible, belongs to another Titan ship, Titan Taurus. Since then there have been various claims that the ship did exist and that it was the renamed Titan Taurus, so we checked at little further and here’s the truth about the Titan Uranus.

In fact there was not one Titan Uranus but two, and around another two dozen ships with the name Uranus in their names.

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Tighten Your What?

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Sep 152008

Fellow blogista Kennebec Captain retails a few stories about amusing ship names in a recent post and muses on whether there could possibly be a ship called the Titan Uranus. Prissy -minded folk insist on pronouncing Uranus wrongly, shy of the fact that it does sound like a reference to a human bodypart. There have been various unconfirmed ‘flying Dutchman’ style reports of such a vessel on the internet, but is it myth or reality. Being an investigator, MAC investigated.

Indeed, there is a photograph in circulation showing just such a ship purportedly in Hong Kong:

Fake Titan Uranus?

MAC didn’t think the photograph looked quite right and so checked out the IMO number visible in the picture. The vessel is the Titan Taurus, which can be seen here at Shipspotting;

So, the Titan Uranus is a hoax. Unless you know different.