Mega Lifeboats For Super Gin Palace

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Dec 132009

Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International’s cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, the biggest gin-palace currently afloat, carries around 8,000 passengers and crew. Schat-Harding has provided eighteen 370-person “mega lifeboats” ready if the time ever comes to evacuate the ship.

Built from fibreglass reinforced polyester using a vacuum technique, the catamaran hull CRV55 lifeboats weigh 16 tonnes stowed condition and 44 tonnes when fully loaded. Two 70 HP diesel engines give the a speed of 6 knots, and are equipped with twin rudders

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Freefall release fears shut platform

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Jan 132009

Problems with freefall lifeboat releases have led to the shutdown of the StatoilHydro-operated Kristin platform off Norway. Investigations are underway both by Statoil and Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority, PSA..

In December last year a freefall lifeboat on the Veslefrikk B platform failed to launch as part of an operation to replace the lifeboat. The release hook required lubrication and several movements before it would function.

Further hook release problems arose with the new freefall lifeboat when fully laden.

The same type of Umoe-Schatt Harding FF1000S had been installed on the Kristin platform. Staffing on the platform has now been cut from 90 to 16 following similar hook release problems in mid-December.

Last year, a freefall lifeboat of similar design on Veslefrikk B suffered damage when launched during a test, again leading to a platform shutdown, revealing design flaws. Three freefall lifeboats were taken out of service. In a meeting with the PSA, Statoil expressed doubt “concerning the quality of these lifeboats as a means of evacuation during all types of weather conditions.”.

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