Browning Britannia – Trident May Be Tragic For Safety

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Jul 202010

Could Trident be a tragedy for maritime security?

Given the parlous state of Britain’s economy, logic suggests that the case against replacing Trident is overwhelming on economic grounds. That would be a tragedy for safety issues on the high seas argues Bill Redmond

The current wrangling between Britain’s Treasury Department and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) over defence cuts will decide the fate of the Royal Navy’s blue sea capability, and by extension the safety and rule of law on the high seas. The stakes have been raised recently because the Treasury ministers are now saying that the MoD must fund Britain’s nuclear deterrent, embodied in the £20 billion renewal of the Trident submarine defence system, from within its own core budget, currently running at about £35 billion a year.

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Royal Navy – Sunset Senior Service To End Sundowners

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Mar 142010


Where the French, the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Nazi hordes failed the British government’s beancounters are winning: Bringing the Royal Navy to its knees. Latest to go is a Nelsonian tradition of holding cocktail parties in foreign ports for a cost somewhat less than a parliamentary MP’s expenses claim for garden gnomes.

MAC’s UK correspondent William Redmond reports

Royal Navy chiefs have been left stunned and furious over the Ministry of Defence’s, MoD, orders to scrap cocktail parties held on board its warships while in foreign ports, a practice that dates back to Nelson’s time. The ban marks the darkest day since July 31, 1970 when the Royal Navy was ordered to end the grog rations of over 300 years standing.

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