Jetski vs Coastguard: Colregs and Lookout

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May 032010


Maritime New Zealand has released its report into the collision between the
Auckland Coastguard vessel Rescue Alpha and a recreational personal water craft PWC 911, also known as a jet ski, on 13 June 2009. As a result of the collision the rider of the PWC 911 fractured her ankle and several ribs.

The PWC 911 was extensively damaged and has been “written off” as being uneconomical to repair.

Says Maritime New Zealand: “The overarching causation was determined as being the way the master of the Rescue Alpha applied the ‘stand on’ requirements contained in Maritime Rule 22.17. It was also determined that the lookout maintained by the rider of PWC 911 was not adequate to account for vessels not involved in the race event that were approaching side on, abeam.

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