Philipp/Lynn-Marie: Curve of Pursuit And Lack Of Assistance

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Nov 112011

Damage to FV Lynn-Marie

Alterations to autopilot settings by the chief officer of the Gibraltar-registered containership Philipp resulted in a ‘curve of pursuit’ that ended with a collision with the fishing vessel Lynn-Marie. Despite being aware of the collision neither the Philipp chief officer nor the master determined whether the struck vessel required assistance.

The incident is reported by Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, which concludes that the chief officer of Philipp did not use all information available to determine the possibility of collision.

In its summary, MAIB says: “At 0453 UTC on 9 April 2011, the Gibraltar registered, container feeder vessel Philipp collided with the United Kingdom registered scallop dredger FV Lynn Marie 6nm south of the Isle of Man. There were no injuries or pollution, but Lynn Marie was badly damaged and was towed to Port St Mary, Isle of Man.

“After the collision, Philipp did not stop and neither her officer of the
watch (OOW) nor her master tried to communicate with Lynn Marie to see if the fishing vessel required assistance.

Philipp was about 20nm away from the location of the collision when her master eventually informed the coastguard of
his vessel’s involvement”.

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