Danish Investigators “Incompetent, Unprofessional” Says Maersk FPSOs

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Apr 102010

imageMaersk FPSOs has criticised the Danish Maritime Authority report into the explosion and fire which occurred on board the FPSO Maersk Ngujima-Yin off the Northwest coast of Australia in April 2009. In comments included in a DMA supplement to its original investigation report issued in November 2009, Maersk questions DMA’s methodology, competence and professionalism.

While objections to casualty investigation reports are not uncommon they rarely go as far, or are as detailed, as the Maersk FPSO comments.

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Poor Safety Culture Fired Up FPSO – ““Maersk has failed to meet their duty of care” – Maersk Ngujima-Yin Fire

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Nov 282009

imageDenmark’s Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents says that the crew of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel, FPSO,  Maersk Ngujima-Yin handled  emergency response and fire fighting effectively and competently with what they had during a fire onboard but identified a lack of safety culture and criticised management for not providing the means necessary to accommodate and coordinate the interests of the project team and the operations team, acted inadequately on the feedback from the FPSO crew during the project and has not been able to re-establish a healthy safety climate on board and says that the support for maintenance on board provided by management has been inadequate.

Of particular note in this report is that the onboard crew took ownership of safety but lost confidence in onshore managers with regard to safety and maintenance.

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May 012009

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Search crew find missing oilman’s body
Upstream Online – Oslo,Oslo,Norway
It is believed Lindsay, who was not wearing survival gear, was carrying out routine checks on the
oil platform when he vanished sometime between midnight

Skipper dies after trawler sinks
Fish Update – Edinburgh,UK
THE Norwegian authorities are preparing to hold an investigation into the
sinking of a relatively modern Russian fishing vessel off their northern coastline

Sailor dies while working on ship’s drains
Stars and Stripes – Washington,DC,USA
By Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes A sailor assigned to the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis died Friday after being crushed while working on the
ship’s .

Authorities: Man injured when canister explodes
MiamiHerald.com – Miami,FL,USA
Authorities say a cruise
ship passenger was injured when a canister exploded, in one of two separate incidents at Port Everglades.

Murphys injured in car crash
Cape Cod Times – Hyannis,MA,USA
He had no other details of the
accident. Murphy, a 2001 graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, was supposed to be honored at this morning’s formation

Replica Chinese junk sinks one day from end of epic journey
Telegraph.co.uk – United Kingdom
Despite the
sinking, Mr Peng of the Chinese Maritime Development Society, said he believed the ship had “accomplished its mission”.

Trade vessel sinks at St. Kitts port
SKNVibes.com – Basseterre,St. Kitts and Nevis
SKNVibes spoke to Winston Hendrickson, Manager of the TDC Shipping Department, who said that he could not speak to a specific cause for the
accident at this

Teenage boy survives fatal boat accident by using his dead
Daily Mail – UK
Mr Che Hassan, southern regional commander of Malaysia’s
Maritime Enforcement Agency, said: ‘We are still trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle,

Helicopters grounded after two crashes in space of weeks
The Edinburgh Journal – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
The ill-fated helicopter was carrying two crew members and fourteen
oil workers from a BP offshore oil rig. The most recent incident report from the Air

Oil & Gas UK Comments on AAIB Report into Helicopter
Apr 13, 2009 Oil & Gas UK Comments on AAIB Report into Helicopter Accident

Owner of Korean Commercial Cargo Vessel & Chief Engineer Plead Guilty to Marine Pollution Related Charges

WASHINGTON—STX Pan Ocean Co. Ltd. (STX), headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and the owner of the commercial cargo ship, M/V Ocean Jade, pleaded guilty to conspiracy as well as falsifying and failing to properly maintain records meant to ensure compliance with maritime pollution laws, the Justice Department announced. The chief engineer

Wrecked vessel’s crew wants investigation into sea strike
Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Honolulu,HI,USA
Stewart said that about 15 minutes before the
collision, the crew on watch noticed the freighter change direction and head toward the TaiPing.

Genco Shipping & Trading Limited Announces First Quarter 2009
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
As previously announced, the Genco Cavalier, a 2008-built Supramax
vessel, was involved in a minor collision caused by another vessel in its vicinity during

Survivors and crew of sunken BC ferry still seeking compensation
CBC.ca – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
(CBC) A BC Ferries worker who barely escaped the
sinking Queen of the North ferry says that after three years of struggling with mental and physical

Selendang Ayu Settlement
Alaska’s SuperStation – AK,USA
Four years ago the
ship became grounded and broke apart off of Unalaska Island. IMC Shipping, out of Singapore, has paid the state nearly 845-thousand

Brazil: a growing poaching presence
FIS.com (Registro) – Tokyo,Argentina
Incidents involving gun firings and even a
collision attempt directed by a Brazilian ship against a Uruguayan military ship have gone beyond the occasional


JTF Kills 6 Militants, Frees Hijacked Vessel
THISDAY – Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria
He said they returned
fire, drowning six of the militants suspected to be members of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) in the process,

Walk the plank? No, gun the skiff

THE CREW of the box ship Boularibank found a novel way to repel Somali pirates, the vessel’s owner said today: tossing large planks of wood at them.

Canada’s release of pirates “nuts,” expert says
Globe and Mail – Canada
Canada is also a signatory to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which makes
piracy an international crime, formalizing maritime law that dates back

At former British prison, Somali pirates tell their side
McClatchy Washington Bureau – Washington,DC,USA
Five of those prisoners are serving 15-year terms for
piracy. |

Ship captain: Just arming crews won’t stop piracy
The Associated Press
Armed with knives and
fire hoses, Phillips and his crew of about 20 tried and initially failed to fight off a raid by young pirates armed with automatic

Armed Cruise Ship Security Team Fights Off Somali Pirates
InjuryBoard.com – Tampa,FL,USA
and he Israeli security guards opened fire with small arms. The pirates backed off but continued to follow the ship for about 20 minutes firing at it.

New pirate attacks on Italian ship
Ansa news in English – Rome,Rome,Italy
On Wednesday the
ship’s crew fended off another attack 300 miles south-east of Mogadishu after a small boat with seven pirates approached it and opened fire

Maersk to increase its ships’ precautions, but no guns
The Virginian-Pilot – Norfolk,VA,USA
Chalk said Maersk should continue having its ships transit through
maritime corridors where naval ships keep watch. But smaller shipping companies aren’t

Russians detain 29 suspected pirates
United Press International – USA
The would-be hijackers, armed with automatic weapons and grenade launchers, opened
fire on the vessel but were outmaneuvered, a company statement said.

Government studying other measures to protect seamen
Philippine Star – Manila,Philippines
The same circular also gives Filipino
seafarers the option to disembark if he feels any threat passing Somalia. But Roque said not a single seafarer opted

Filipino Seafarers Top Victims of Somali Pirates
Voice of America – USA
“Our experience has been that we have not had any
casualty from among those The International Maritime Bureau says pirate attacks off the Somali coast

Spanish navy arrests pirates
Monsters and Critics.com – USA
with security personnel returning fire. According to Campain Ciro Pinto, the ship was slightly damaged, but none of the passengers suffered any injures.

Maersk: We Don't Need Security

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Apr 112009

Shortly before the attack on the containership Maersk Alabama off the coast of Somalia company officials  said that its vessels did not need protection agaist piracy, a source in the maritime protection industry has told Maritime Accident Casebook. After a five-hour battle with pirates 250 miles off the coast of Somalia, Maersk Alabama was boarded by pirates who took control, but retaken by the crew while the the vessel’s master was taken hostage and remains in pirate hands in one of the ship’s totally enclosed lifeboats nearby.

US warships are in the area while negotiators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are talking the pirates. the incident has certainly woken up America to a threat that has existed for years to its economy but largely ignored because until now it has only affected non-US flagged vessels with non-US nationals aboard. The response to Maersk Alabama will certainly be a test for newly-incumbent US president Barak Obama.

Past attacks have usually involved ships flying flags of countries that have little defensive capability, if any, to protect their own ships. These vessels carry crews whose home nations do not the military firepower to defend them.

Ironically, two of the ship’s officers are graduates of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, recently in the news for teaching its students how to fire handguns as part of its baccalaureat course. Significantly, although the Maersk Alabama crew fought back successfully and captured one of the pirates, no firearms were used in its defence. Details of the attack and the circumstances under which the ship’s captain became a hostage are not yet available and it is unlikely that a formal report will ever be made public.

It does, however, appear that the officers and crew were trained and drilled for a pirate attack, as, indeed, has been the case with most ships that have escaped pirates.

Until the taking of Maersk Alabama it was widely believed that the speed of such ships and their high freeboard made them unlikely targets for Somalia’s pirates, known as the Somali Marines. Other shipowning companies believe that the presence of warships from several countries in the area are enough protection. It may be time to revise that estimate and rethink a response.

Arming seafarers or the ships they sail will not be that response. Even where the flag state is one that is casual about firearms the same may not apply to the countries the ship visits. The liability issues arising from arming ships or seafarers are enormous.

Insurance companies have shown little enthusiasm for placing armed guards on ships and one executive has told Maritime Accident Casebook, reiterating a view shared with others in the maritime industry, that the idea was ‘frightening’. A master who’s ship gets involved in a gunfight with pirates may well be charged with criminal negligence if one of his crew is injured or the vessel damaged and pollution results.

The risk, too, of a military response has been highlighted in the retaking of the French yacht Tanit by French special forces.

Some leading security firms which offer protection for ships have unrealistic expectations of the maritime industry’s ability or willingness to pay high fees which can be more than that what would be demanded by pirates. Although effective security is available for much less, the high costs quoted frighten shipowners away from hirinmg protection.

The fact is that the navies present in the area are of limited effectiveness and the industry may have to look to itself to find solutions and appropriate deterrents.

The waters are muddied by arguments about the use of legal or non-lethal force. The former raises legal, political and cultural issues while the latter is often questionabley effective. There is a need for out of the box thinking, such as the ‘less-than-lethal’ techniques and technology being offered by companies such as Sea Marshalls.

What is not an option is not to pay ransoms demanded by pirates. Those proposing it have little understanding of the situation or its complexity. It is not the job of a seafarer to die just to prove what is already known: Not paying a ransom simply ends up with dead hostages while the kidnappers move on to take another victim.

Somali pirates haven’t killed their hostages so far, lives are money in that desperate disaster of a country. So long as ransoms are paid seafarers will stay alive.

It doesn’t help that high officials in the US-supported Puntland government are getting their cut of pirate booty. The US has a poor record of leaving competent, effective and honest governments in place in countries which it has been involved.

Over the years since piracy has become a major threat to the American economy there has been much renting of cloth and nashing of teeth and wiffling about the legal issues involved. There isn’t much glamour in chasing pirates these days. Such issues did not prevent previous administrations from tap-dancing around the US Constitution and abrogating international treaties when they wanted to, but in those cases there was a forceful political will at work backed by a nation that felt itself under threat.

Will Maersk Alabama put some steel into the American backbone? It might. Yet a boots on the ground response, the only one likely to be effective, has in its shadows the events of Black Hawk Down. Ultimately, ending piracy means resolving Somalia, a thorny problem, but a strong government there can tackle the issue.

Indeed, a strong government in Somalia has already shown what can be done. When the Islamists occupied Mogadishu piracy all but stopped. Piracy returned in force when the Islamistc were driven out of the city.

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Maritime Safety News Today, 7 September 2007

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Sep 072007

The Transportation Safety Board Investigation Reveals Inadequacies
Market Wire (press release) – USA
today released its final investigation report (M05W0111) into the June 30, 2005 loss of propulsion and grounding of BC Ferries’ vessel Queen of Oak Bay. Appalling treatment of crew on rat-infested abandoned ship
Shipping Times – UK
The mainly Cameroonian seafarers on board the (now) Greek-owned cargo vessel Meugang 1, have been stranded in the port for three months and have had to
2 ships survive mid-sea collision
Sun.Star – Philippines
In radio interviews, Bohol Coast Guard chief Ursulo Aldoldur and Macabalan port chief Amador Sebastian both received reports about the collision.

Chang Lemin may go Den Den way
Mangalorean.com – Mangalore,India
The vessel has to be towed to deeper waters. But at this point of time when the sea was getting rougher if the tugs give any more thrust the tugs could also

EMSA vessel ‘not involved’ in New Flame operations
bunkerworld – London,UK
The Gibraltar Government has reacted to press reports that the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has dispatched the vessel Mistra Bay to be ready to
Maltese vessel chartered to combat possible oil pollution off Spain
Malta Independent Online – Malta
The Spanish government has chartered the oil recovery vessel, the mt Mistra Bay, to combat possible oil pollution as a result of the grounding of the
Coast Guard, Other Agencies Participate in Response Exercise

Posted 09/06/07 at 10:26 AM

The Coast Guard will lead a multi-agency response exercise this Saturday to implement the preparedness plans of federal, state and local agencies in the Port of Baltimore. Exercise Nautical Shield 2007, is designed to implement the Area Maritime Security Plan, Area Contingency Plan and the Coast Guard’s mass rescue planUsers pledge to fund Malacca Strait safety
SIX countries vow to contribute to navigational safety projects but major European shipowning nations yet to make commitment.

UPDATED on the amount of oil spilled – 5th paragraph : HELCOM to
Newsdesk – Stockholm,Sweden
This operational exercise, the largest maritime emergency and counter-pollution drill of its kind in the Baltic Sea area and one of the largest worldwide,
From Safety At Sea

Felix spares Belize and Yucatan

MANAGUA, Nicaragua 4 September – Powerful Hurricane Felix now looks to be heading away from Belize and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is expected to make landfall near the Nicaragua-Honduras border today. At 0500, the storm was classed at Category Four with sustained winds in excess of 250 km/hr, but forecasters say the storm could regain Category Five strength before coming ashore. While most of Nicaragua’s ports are on the Pacific coast, the breakbulk port of Puerto Cabezas is in the storm’s path

USCG mobilises in Nawiliwili

THE US Coast Guard is preparing to run the gauntlet of protesters in Hawaii so as to guarnantee passage of the ferry Alakai.

Titan frees stranded Maersk ship

TITAN Salvage reports that the 4,542-teu Maersk Diadema has been freed from a sandbar off the channel into Mexico’s Lazaro Cardenas.

Typhoon menaces Tokyo Bay

TYPHOON No. 9, also known as Litow, is progressing northwards from the Pacific towards Tokyo Bay, where ships at anchor are being advised to take storm precautions.

(The Case of the Errant Hookers covers storm anchorage)