AHTS Fire Raises The Heat On Detectors – CE Commended

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Jun 052008

Denmark’s Maritime Authority has released its report on a fire aboard the AHTS Maersk Master.
During a tanker lifting operation on 4th February 2008 a fire broke out in the engine room of the AHTS Maersk Master. The fire could not be extinguished by means of portable extinguishers so actions were taken to engage the engine room water mist system and subsequently the CO2 system. After approximately 15 min. the fire was under control. The vessel was shortly after towed to a nearby shipyard for inspection.

One of the pipe connections for a differential pressure gauge mounted on the duplex fuel filter for main engine 1 had failed. This had caused the diesel oil to leak at high pressure. The diesel oil was then deflected onto the surroundings and further to hot surfaces where it was finally ignited.

There were no casualties. Continue reading »