Schleswig-Holstein/SY Mahdi: A Case Of Light And Shadow

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Feb 222011

Schleswig-Holstein lightly scratched

Germany’s BSU report on the collision between the ro-ro ferry Schleswig-Holstein and the sailing yacht Mahdi in calm, clear conditions highlights the fact that at night navigation lights are effectively point-sources and  they can deceive the unwary. Often, by the time someone realises that a collision is imminent it’s too late to react.

As the BSU analysis says: Looked at superficially, the collision was purely the result of inadequate monitoring of the sea-room as defined in
COLREG Rule 5 by the bridge crew of the Schleswig-Holstein and consequent non-observance of right of way by the ferry. However, such an assessment of the situation is most certainly too simplistic. Continue reading »

Maritime Safety & Security News –28 August 2009

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Aug 272009

Man falls into cargo ship hold
Brazosport Facts
The fall appeared to have been an unfortunate accident, Houston said. Police do not believe foul play, drugs or alcohol played a role in the fall.

Ship hits Gwadar Port berth
The Nation, Pakistan
Sources were of the view that the mysterious ship collision had caused serious structural damage to the blocks supporting piles of the said jetty,

Boat is abandoned after collision
BBC News
The crew of a catamaran have abandoned their vessel after it was involved in a collision with a fishing boat off the coast of Cornwall.[/column] Continue reading »