Sep 162010

image Inspectors from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, boarded the Singapore-registered bulker Alam Pintar in Hamburg they discovered a crime: The master had tampered with ship’s documents and the voyage data recorder to conceal evidence that not only had the vessel collided with, and sunk, the fishing vessel Etoile des Ondes with the loss of a life, but had ignored obligations to those in distress. Crewmember testimony of events ‘conflicted’ with AIS and radar recordings from other sources.

Any decision to prosecute will be up to Singapore, the Alam Pintar’s flag state.

The newly-released MAIB report raises a number of issues of frustration and concern.

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DMA: “Unidentified leak sank Josephine E”

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Sep 032010

Josephine E

Denmark’s Maritime Authority, DMA, has recommended that the The Danish Fishermen’s Occupational Health Services in co-operation with the Danish Maritime Authority carry out a targeted campaign towards wooden fishing vessels that are  occasionally is used catching fish cto be processed industrially focussing on  the special hazards involved. The recommendation follows the  sinking of FV Josephine E.

Josephine E is a wooden fishing vessel with a tonnage of 19.97 BRT. It was built in 1963.

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