Feb 012016

If investigating maritime accidents might be up your street the US National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, might be looking for you.

Says the agency: “As the Marine Accident Investigator (Nautical) you will have the experience and expertise in commercial marine operations, vessel navigation and maneuvering marine safety and marine accident investigations. You will be responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating the investigation of marine accidents, and for developing and presenting reports with marine transportation safety recommendations for adoption by the Board. You will serve as an Investigator in Charge (IIC) or Group Chairperson in NTSB led and USCG led marine accident investigations. . Further, the you may serve as the NTSB representative in public/non-public accident investigations or other marine accident investigations of interest to the NTSB, and as the NTSB representative in international investigations conducted under IMO rules.

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Sep 152010

image The ATSB is seeking to recruit an analytical person with an interest in safety to join the Research Investigations & Data Analysis branch based in Canberra.
Applicants must have developed research, analysis and database skills, and be able to independently write concise, accurate and meaningful technical reports. A background and interest in safety and/or transport, in particularly aviation, is highly desirable. Applicants also need a tertiary qualification involving research methodologies.


Feb 032010

imageThe Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is looking for a qualified, experienced and highly motivated materials/metallurgical engineer, metallurgist or equivalent, to join the Canberra forensic materials engineering team.

The Transport Safety Investigator – Materials Failure Specialist will undertake forensic engineering investigations into transport accidents and incidents in accordance with the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003. In this unique and challenging role, you will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of Australian transport safety by examining, analysing and reporting on damage and failures associated with safety occurrences within the aviation, rail and marine transport industries.

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Jan 282010

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has a vacancy for an Rail / Marine Recorders Analyst in our Canberra office.

We are looking a highly motivated individual to work as part of a small team of transport safety professionals. The position broadly involves the application of engineering science to the investigation and analysis of transport safety occurrences.

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