Apr 082015

Two men were saved when the tug Asterix capsized while unberthing a chemical tanker at Fawley Refinery. The incident, currently under investigation by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, is a reminder of the speed with which the enormous forces involved in ship handling can cause a tug to girt, giving crew little chance to escape, as the video below, from an incident investigated by Canada’s Transport Safety Board, shows.

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Jan 072010

Thames Fisher in drydock

When there’s a history of technical failures find out why and fix it is the lesson of the 2,700 gt oil tanker Thames Fisher which lost main engine power after departing the Esso marine terminal at Fawley, Southampton, Hants, on 4 October 2009. A blocked sea water inlet filter at the fresh water cooler had resulted in main engine shutdown.

A preliminary investigation by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch found that the James Fisher Shipping Services-owned vessel had a history of failures related to the sea water cooling system.

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