EMSA Review Links Accident To Economy

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Jul 212011
Lisco Gloria burns

EMSA’s Maritime Accident Review 2010,the fourth in the Agency’s series of statistical and analytical reports on commercial shipping accidents in and around EU waters, reports a small increase in the number of accidents in Europe – 559 accidents and 61 lives  lost – up from the 540 accidents and 52 lives lost reported for 2009. s

However, these figures are considerably below the figures reported for 2007- 715 accidents, 76 lives lost – and 2008 – 670 accidents, 82 lives lost.

Says EMSA: “The… increase of 3.5% in accidents reported for 2010 possibly
reflects the recovery in shipping traffic and volume during the year. Indeed, the marked decline in accidents reported for 2009, in comparison to the economic boom years of 2007 and 2008, suggests that there is a link between maritime accident numbers and economic activity”.

This year’s review includes full maps of accidents reported during the year, plotted against the geographical locations, enabling readers to see accident trouble spots and patterns.

The review can be downloaded from EMSA’s website here

Skimmers and Trainers From EMSA

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Jul 022010

emsa In this EMSA month’s newsletter…

– Transport Commissioner Kallas meet the teams behind EMSA

– EMSA skimmer goes America… to help with Gulf oil spill response

– Safemed II experts meet at EMSA

– New Inspection Regime “training for trainers” kicks off

– 5+5 Defence Initiative at EMSA

Download a copy here

EMSA Pays The Rent

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May 012010


On 20 April, EMSA Executive director Willem de Ruiter symbolically handed over to Ms Natercia Cabral, President of the Port of Lisbon Administrative Board, a cheque to mark the first payment of the rent for the EMSA headquarters says that latest EMSA newsletter.

Download the latest newsletter here.

EMSA Newsletter 61 Out

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Apr 112010

imageEurope’s Maritime Safety Agency has issued its latest newsletter, No 61. It covers the launch of STIRES, the geographical information system interface to SafeSeaNet, approval of EMSA’s 5-year strategy approved, the first EMSA oilspill exercise in Bulgaria, and the visit to EMSA of the EU Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs.

Click here for a copy of the newsletter.

EU – Watching You

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Mar 152010

I'll be seeing you, not so much Big Brother as Auntie EMSA

For the first time, EMSA’s new SafeSeaNet tracking module, called STIRES, allows authorities to see all commercial vessels in and around EU waters in a single view. This will be soon be followed by the picture for the whole world.

The information has been available to EU member states in the SafeSeaNet system for some time, but this is the first time that users will be able to see it in a fully interactive, multi-functional display.

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Ireland Gets First Go With EMSA MAR-ICE

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Feb 082010

BG Dublin - What was in the lost box?

Ireland became the first to use the MAR ICE system in a real-life incident last month, says the latest newsletter of the European Maritime Safety Agency.

On 12 January, the container ship BG Dublin lost seven containers in a force 10 storm off Ireland.

Debris was washed up on the southern Irish coast, with one container including the hazardous material sodium bromate. On 14 January the Irish Coastguard requested info on the substance through EMSA’s MAR-ICE service. Information was provided within less than an hour.

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Euro-Rogues Are Upon Us

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Oct 262008

Time for the surfboardJudging by search statistics, one of MAC’s most popular posts is ‘Give Us A wave’, a look at rogue waves – mountains of water that can reach 20 metres or more and which were once thought to be exaggerations by credulous seafarers who didn’t know any better. Now Europe’s Maritime Safety Agency is taken them very seriously.

In its recently released Maritime Accident Review for 2007, EMSA comments:

A new phenomenon has recently appeared in EU waters, or perhaps it is an old one which has been given better media coverage than before. Rogue waves are those which are much bigger and much more dangerous than others, and they can cause significant damage. The largest of these have been reported by oil rig workers in the North Sea at up to 20 metres high, although smaller ones have inflicted significant damage. Continue reading »