Do You Pay Enough Attention To Gorillas?

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Apr 042011

Don Cockrill is a familiar name to MAC. He is chairman of the UK Maritime Pilots Association, a Pilot at Port of London Authority and, like MAC, a gorilla enthusiast. To be more precise, an invisible gorilla enthusiast.

The invisible gorilla differs from that other member of the human factor menagerie, the Elephant In The Room, in that everyone knows the elephant is there but nobody wants to admit seeing it while folk don’t see the gorilla in the room because they are too focussed on one task and loose situational awareness.

In the latest MAIB Safety Digest Don writes: “Being aware of our own fallibility adds a significant enhancement to any training regime or the compliance with an operational code of practice. There are numerous published works on the subject, but one I can recommend that amusing and very relevant is the memorably titled The Invisible Gorilla“. Continue reading »