Can Shame Work Where Sense Doesn’t

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Sep 142010

Will Gorgonilla made the grade? Photo: Paris MOU

As the Paris MOU’s Caught In The Net programme shows there are far too many two-bit ship owners happy to let their ships become a hazard to those who sail them and the environment of the waters they sail through. Now new European Union, EU, rules that come into force next year intends to name and shame shipping companies with a poor safety record and boost those with a strong one.

Says the EU announcement: “New rules to enhance and improve the safety performance of ships were adopted today by the European Commission. The rules will introduce, from January 1st 2011, a new online register to “to name and shame” shipping companies which are performing poorly on vital safety inspections, port state control, while those with strong safety records will be given good public visibility.

“Port state controls are crucial for preventing shipping disasters and the tragic loss of life and huge environmental damage that can result. Companies and states which show up as poorly performing will be subject to more intensive, co-ordinated inspections in EU ports. Manufacturers or other industries will be able to choose the shipping companies they use for freight or passengers in full knowledge of their safety record.

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