SILO 99-B, the Certificated Sieve

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Dec 202010

They went to sea in a sieve, they did, they went to sea in a sieve...

What is a Class Certificate worth? Not a lot if it’s Bolivian, suggests Brazil’s investigation into the sinking of the barge SILO 99-B in Corumba.

SILO 99-B finally sank despite wooden wedges, rags and judicious cementing of its corroded hull despite being in class.

Brazilian Maritime Authority says: “…one has to question the role of the
Classification Society in this case. How is it possible that a craft in an advanced stage of corrosion as is the case of barge SILO 99-B, classified by the Bolivian Register of Shipping S.A. was in class and its certificates were valid on the date of the accident?…

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Fatal Fall Down Stairs Darkly?

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Dec 082010

Re-enactment - the hard hat did not save him

Brazil’s Maritime Authority has been unable to determine how a 68 year old quartermaster fell down stairs to his death aboard the MV Arlott in August this year but a number of potential causes, and potential hazards are highlighted. Among the issues are inadequately marked hazards, steeply inclined stairs and incomplete handrails.

To which might be added lack of safe practice when using stairs. Notably, the victim was wearing a hard hat.

MV Arlott had been preparing to moor at daybreak and the victim, who was waiting on the quarterdeck, was called to assist. His move required him to pass through an accessway and negotiate steep steps to the maindeck. It was dark enough for the seafarer who was follwoing the victim to use a torch. Although the victim had a torch it was not switched on at the time of the fall.The accident appears to have taken place at a time between darkness and light when it is most difficult to make accurate visual assessments.

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Tug Mariner

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Feb 052010

image Tide, inadequate mooring, open scuttles in galley and toilet, a switched-off engine and a crew who were busy transferring bunkers from a barge to the tanker Atlantic Muse, resulted in the pusher tug Mariner 1 capsizing while still moored to the barge.

A report by Marinha Do Brazil, the Brazilian Maritime Authority, concludes that the mooring arrangements with “the tugboat berthed at the barge with hawsers of spring and bowlines, without a hawser athwart” meant that an ebbing tide of up to 4 knots opened the gap between the tug’s bow and the barge, forcing the tug to heel over, submerged the portholes of the gallery and toilet with subsequent flooding.

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