Dec 082010

image It is very unlikely that anyone reading this site takes the myth of the Bermuda Triangle seriously. MAC cannot count the times he’s received messages along the lines of “If it’s a myth why are all seafarers scared of it?”, to which the answer is that they are not.

Nevertheless there are interesting cases, one of which is the US navy’s Proteus Class colliers of which four were built and three lost in unknown circumstances, two of them in that rather loosely described area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Chief among the case is the USS Cyclops and the USS Nereus, which vanished while still owned by the US Navy while the Proteus, from which the class drew its name, vanishing after decommissioning and being sold off. Nazi U-Boats are widely presumed to have been involved but that is not supported by records. So what could have happened to them?

Two keywords: Liquefaction and free surface effect.

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Sinking The Bermuda Triangle

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Sep 142009

image If, like MAC, you occasionally get challenged with “Well, explain the Bermuda Triangle, then” that a gander at BBC Radio 4’s series “Inside The Bermuda Triangle”, presented by investigative journalist Tom Mangold. MAC looked into this issue a quarter of a century ago and came to the same conclusions – backed up by MAC’s own multiple passage through the area.

In the first episode Mangold exposed the fraudulent articles by Vincent Gaddes that started the whole dreary goosechase and, in later episodes demolishes further myths.

Mangold exposes how reports by maritime and air incident investigators have been deliberately distorted to fabricate the fiction we know as the Bermuda Triangle.

A good listen. Check out for yourself here.