Jul 102014

waterlightSinking lifebuoys have already appeared on MAC, now the US Coast Guard has issued an alert regarding replacement batteries on emergency equipment. In this case it was the floating water light attached to  lifebuoy that sank thanks to a replacement battery that was the wrong weight.

While conducting an annual inspection a Coast Guard inspector picked up a ring buoy’s water light and noticed that it felt heavier than usual. The master of the vessel was notified and he then agreed to perform a float test. When the ring buoy and its water light were tossed into the water, the water light instantly sank about 5’ to the end of its painter. Apparently, the last time the battery was replaced, a heavier battery than the manufacturer’s recommended battery was used. This occurred despite the water light’s labelled instructions regarding the correct battery type. Continue reading »


Safety Alert: Nano Nano Burn Burn

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Jul 222009


Recent reports suggest that there may be an overheating/fire hazard from a small number of Apple iPod Nano devices. There have been cases in which overheating, apparently of the lithium-ion battery, has caused burns to wearers, devices have caught fire will in pockets, in use and unattended.

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