Villum Clausen – A Berth Too Bumpy

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Jan 222010

imageDenmark’s Maritime Authority has released its report into the contact of the catamaran ro-ro ferry Villum Clausen and the quay at berth 10, Rønne harbour on 3 October 2009. Poor weather made berthing difficult, there were no security procedures for disembaking passengers from the car deck following damage to the gangway, and a seafarer was too overloaded with simultaneous tasks to communication problems to the bridge effectively.

Says the report:

“During manoeuvring to berth the ship got a headfast attached to a bollard ashore, which was very tight.

The master could subsequently not manoeuvre the stern to the quay and instead hit the quay with the bow. After contact with the quay the following damage to the ship was found: Hole in the forward mooring deck to the starboard. Bulge in the corner of the bonnet; Minor crack in the forepeak; Starboard bulb broken off. No passengers or crew members got physically injured. A seaman was subsequently absent owing to illness.

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