Dec 112007

Whenever one talks to maritime accident investigators about deaths in enclosed spaces one can hear the distinct sound of teeth grinding with furious frustration at a situation that should a rarity but which seems impervious to solution.

After The Case Of The Electric Assassin went online a leading accident investigator sent this comment:

“Your Zebu Express 1-1-1- trichloroethane case where the 2 guys were overcome in the bowthruster room reminds me that we had exactly the same case on the Cold Express back in 1994. 2 guys died while using Drew electric parts cleaner — 1-1-1 trichloroethane: they were overcome in the bowthruster room while cleaning up after a leak. The rescue attempts were like a Keystone cops movie with people not knowing what they were doing, SCBA bottles running out of air, etc.”

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