Sep 102014

This video of the antics of a Greek Blue Star Ferry bears some watching


Aug 142014

safespaceThree men died after entering a confined space aboard the German-flagged general cargo ship Suntis at Goole docks, Humberside.  Initial investigations by the UK’s Maritime Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, show that signs were ignored, safety procedures were not followed and during the recovery of the three unconscious crewmen, safety equipment was used incorrectly and inappropriately.

MAIB has issued the following Safety Bulletin:

At approximately 0645 (UTC+1) on 26 May 2014, three crew members on board the cargo ship, Suntis, were found unconscious in the main cargo hold forward access compartment, which was sited in the vessel’s forecastle. The crew members were recovered from the compartment but, despite intensive resuscitation efforts by their rescuers, they did not survive.

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Aug 132014

glacierGiving your passengers a close look at a glacier calving may satisfy them but get too close can be fatal. But how close is too close and how far is safe asks Norway’s Accident Investigation Board, AIBN, in its report on the death of a tourist in Ymerbukten Bay in the Isfjord on Svalbard.

AIBN suggests three key issues: Tour guides may have responded to expectations raised by photographs in the tour company’s brochure; it was difficult for tour guides to estimate their distance from the glacier; safe distances set by the local authority did not take into account the circumstances of this particular calving.

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Aug 072014

maibDespite enormous challenges the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch made it to its silver anniversary on 7 August still doing a great job. It was set up in 1989 as a result of the public inquiry into the 1987 capsizing of the cross-channel ferry Herald of Free Enterprise in which 193 people died and has established a reputation for excellence and probity despite threats to its independence over the years.

Over the last 25 years the MAIB has raised reports on over 40,000 marine accidents and incidents, conducted 1500 investigations, published nearly 500 investigations reports, and made upwards of 3000 safety recommendations.

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