Apr 082015

campaigncardThe Case of the Incurious Navigator is the second crowdfunded maritime safety video to be produced by the respected Maritime Accident Casebook. It is a unique initiative that gives you the chance to make navigation safer by encouraging seafarers to download, copy and share the video among their colleagues and friends.

In this video MAC looks at the improper use of ECDIS, inadequate training and other issues that lead to the grounding of the chemical tanker Ovit in September 2013.

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Apr 082015

In an unprecedented move Maersk has released CCTV footage of an engineroom fire aboard Maersk Iowa to help determine the cause of the fire. The footage was posted on the gCaptain site.

A statement from Maersk, published by gCaptain says: “The video footage (posted on gCaptain today) depicts the mechanical failure of a main engine air start valve resulting in an explosion and fire in the engine room of the Maersk Iowa while underway on January 10th, 2015. No one was injured by this incident, and thanks to the quick and professional emergency response of the officers and crew, any potential further damage was contained with no harm to the environment. The Company has shared this particular video footage with the USCG, Lloyd’s Register and other internal and external stakeholders in an effort to understand its root cause for implementing corrective action across our fleet. The video has also been shared with our ships crews’ as a training aid.”

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Apr 082015

When it comes to safe navigation,
if you don’t ask a question right
you’re not asking the right question and
you won’t get the right answer.

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Apr 082015

Two men were saved when the tug Asterix capsized while unberthing a chemical tanker at Fawley Refinery. The incident, currently under investigation by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, is a reminder of the speed with which the enormous forces involved in ship handling can cause a tug to girt, giving crew little chance to escape, as the video below, from an incident investigated by Canada’s Transport Safety Board, shows.

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Apr 012015

Again, the US National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB,  has released its annual  “Safer Seas: Lessons Learned From Marine Accident Investigations” report. Safer Seas is a compilation of accident investigations that were published in 2014, organized by vessel type with links to the more detailed accident reports. It’s a useful addition to a safety library.

The 43-page report contains a summary and the probable causes for 23 major marine accidents and features lessons learned from each of the accidents in an easy-to-use summary format. Issues include understanding vessel control systems, passenger safety during critical maneuvers, maintenance, and crew training.

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Mar 312015
Photo courtesy The Honourable Artillery Company

Britain’s State Opening of Parliament is a grand occasion, a splendid bash but for the tour boat Millenium Diamond it became a bash of a different sort as the vessel crunched into Tower Bridge with 126 passengers and 6 crew on board injuring ten people. Distraction, a poorly designed  PA system, a Boatmaster’s licence exam syllabus that did not test for the factors that led to the accident and unsecured stowage came together in a classic error chain reported in the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, report. Continue reading »

Mar 312015

MAC has received an alert from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch that it is changing the location of it’s website as from 1 April 2015. We have several hundred links to MAIB reports and related materials and we are trying to determine whether those links remain valid – if you find a link that doesn’t work please alert us using our contact page.

Says MAIB:

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