Feb 102016

Three men lay more than a hundred yards from the thick torn metal that once covered the top forward ballast tank, they were dead.

In the gathering darkness, in the roughening seas around the ship, the bodies of four other men were being carried away on the current, three of them never to be found. Inside the gray powder-coated ballast tank, burned and injured one man lived. He would not survive his injuries.

The last sound he heard, if he heard it, before the massive explosion may have been the quiet pop of a light-bulb breaking…

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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 092016

Crews Working to Refloat One of World’s Biggest Containerships Still Stuck in Germany

One of the world’s biggest containerships remains hard aground in Germany’s Elbe River just outside the shipping channel leading to the port of Hamburg.

Since the grounding of CSCL Indian Ocean last Wednesday night, crews have worked to lighten the ship and dredge soil from around the vessel in preparation for the next towing attempt scheduled for early Tuesday morning.


US Coast guard discovers safety violations aboard container ship in Tacoma, Washington

Port State Control officers from Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound discovered significant safety violations during an inspection of the 685-foot Liberian-flagged container ship Westwood Robson at the Husky Terminal in the Port of Tacoma, Thursday.


Three Killed Eight Injured In Offshore Platform Fire

Three killed eight injured in offshore platform fire, Gulf of Mexico, according to operators Mexican state run oil and gas company Pemex.

The fire is believed to have broken out on board the Abkatun-A platform, located in the Mexican Bay of Campeche, around 0515 local time Sunday.

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Feb 092016

Dropping a deck on your passengers is probably not the best way to impress them, although it might lead to some interesting insurance claims. Looking after your wire ropes will help avoid that unpleasantness, to go by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, report into just such an incident aboard the ro-ro ferry St. Helens at the Fishbourne Ferry Terminal, Isle of Wight.

The same problems also arise with lifeboat and fast rescue boats, so the lessons regarding proper lubrication and maintenance of wire ropes goes beyond this particular incident.

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Feb 092016

As yet MAC has not tracked down an investigation report on this incident. It understood to have involved the German-flagged chemical/products tanker Jana and the Antigua and Barbuda flagged containership Herm Kiepe in 2011 on the Kiel Canal. Herme Kiepe has since changed its name to Leone P as of August 2013.

What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments section below.

Feb 092016

Interviews are an essential of investigating an accident and determining how and why something happened. Getting a witness to provide information is an important skill to acquire, and that includes understanding the psychology of the witness, hence a free course offered by Britain’s respected Open University may be of value to anyone trying to ensure the usefulness of an interview.

The course is online through the Futurelearn platform and runs for eight weeks from 21 March, taking about three hours a week. A certificate is available on completion which could be presented as professional development.

While the course is aimed at police investigations its principles equally apply to interviews conducted for maritime investigations.

Needless to say MAC will be on the course, so why not come and join us?

Find out more about the course here: Forensic Psychology


Feb 012016

If investigating maritime accidents might be up your street the US National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, might be looking for you.

Says the agency: “As the Marine Accident Investigator (Nautical) you will have the experience and expertise in commercial marine operations, vessel navigation and maneuvering marine safety and marine accident investigations. You will be responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating the investigation of marine accidents, and for developing and presenting reports with marine transportation safety recommendations for adoption by the Board. You will serve as an Investigator in Charge (IIC) or Group Chairperson in NTSB led and USCG led marine accident investigations. . Further, the you may serve as the NTSB representative in public/non-public accident investigations or other marine accident investigations of interest to the NTSB, and as the NTSB representative in international investigations conducted under IMO rules.

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Jan 312016

Modern Express Salvage: Officials Preparing for Possible Grounding as Salvors Struggle to Board

31, 2016): An update at 15:00 local time said officials are now preparing for the ship’s possible grounding in the vicinity in Landes, France if a tow line …

Arson suspected in Nagoya cruise ship fire

NAGASAKI – Arson is being investigated as the cause of a cruise ship fire at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s shipyard in Nagasaki early Sunday, the ..

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Jan 312016

A young ambitious officer with the world of command ahead of him but he forgot the golden rule: when you go into a trap, make sure you’ve got two pairs of eyes.

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