Maritime Accident Casebook was created by Bob Couttie in June 2007. It quickly established itself as an authoritative, credible source, popular among both seafarers and maritime accident investigators.

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Sea transportation remains the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting goods from one side of the world to the other, yet it comes with a cost – maritime incidents cost around $1 million a day. Not all incidents are disasters, not all make headlines, but in nearly every case human factors present the most significant element in the incident. The objective of Maritime Accident Casebook is to empower seafarers to keep themselves alive and keep their ships from harm by offering lessons from real world events that they can use in their daily work, whether deckhands or masters.

It is hoped to encourage seafarers to think beyond the minimum safety standards offered by the SOLAS convention to encourage active safety awareness. by enabling them to explore in an accessible way how and why such incidents happen and how they can be avoided. I hope seafarers will find them interesting, entertaining and educational and those who have an interest in maritime incidents will gain a deeper insight into the challenges facing today’s maritime industry.

Safe sailing.

Bob Couttie

About Bob Couttie

Bob Couttie has written for a number of maritime industry publications, including the prestigious Lloyd’s List International daily newspaper and Lloyd’s Ship Manager magazine. His reportage on problems with ship’s officer certification examinations in the Philippines in the late 1990s influenced the adoption of computerized examinations for ship officers by the country’s Professional Regulatory Commission.

For the past 10 years he has been involved in the development of maritime safety education.

Maritime Accident Casebook episodes are drawn from investigations around the world to explore in a informal, entertaining and accessible way how and why such incidents happen and how they might be avoided. Each casefile consists of an audio podcast, accompanied by a transcript with illustrations and links to further information. Except where otherwise indicated, opinions and recommendations are those of the author.


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