Feb 172016

 Cargo ship Amur-2516 collided with ice floe and grounded in Azov sea

The ship is grounded without additional hull damages in northeast Azov sea, but cannot resume voyage until repair and refloating. The local …

Collision in Kiel Canal Causes Damage

An AIS replay of the incident shows Vera Rambow enter the locks before the trailing Nordana Sky struck the vessel from behind after failing to stop.

Coast Guard Probe Into Sinking of El Faro Cargo Ship Gets Underway

The U.S. Coast Guard begins hearings on Tuesday to investigate whether misconduct or negligence were factors in the sinking of the cargo ship El …

Containership Re-floated After Grounding in Southampton Water

APL Vanda, a 14,000TEU capacity containership was being checked for damage on Sunday after a loss of propulsion that left the ship …
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has directed that the 86 metre general cargo ship Noah Satu (IMO9313620) not enter or use any Australian port for the second time in less than twelve months. The direction was issued on 4 February and will remain in effect for twelve months
Container ship ERVisby grounded and blocked Kiel Canal

E.R.Visby The container ship E.R.Visby grounded in Kiel Canal near Schinkel. The accident caused blocking of the traffic into the Canal for more than …
Maritime NZ considering reopening investigation into the grounding of MV Tuhoe

But a local filmmaker claims his photographs and footage show errors by the coastguard and crew led to the ship trying to cut the corner of a sand bar.
A narrowly averted grounding

CARGO shifted aboard ro-ro Modern Express in the East Atlantic on January 26, leaving the vessel listing around 40 degrees in gale force winds and …
Nnamdi Kanu: Niger Delta pirates hijack oil vessel, issues ultimatum

Niger Delta pirates have hijacked a Bulgarian oil ship and threatened to blow it up with its foreign crew if authorities do not release, Nnamdi Kanu, …

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