Jan 192015

MAC is indebted to gCaptain for clarifying this video currently doing the rounds. All eight people aboard survive the ditching. Sadly, helicopter failures are all too common offshore.

gCaptain says that the incident “Although there’s no date associated, it seems this video depicts the crash of a crew change helicopter approaching the CGG-chartered seismic vessel Viking Vision. Australian authorities report that on 12 December 2013, a helicopter with 6 personnel and 2 pilots was forced to ditch in the water offshore Malaysia. All 8 were subsequently rescued by the standby boat.”

(See video below)

The helicopter failed at insufficient altitude for autorotation and the sounds of the pilot attempting to bring it under control can be heard.

Helicopter safety has come under increased criticism in the past few years and claims have been made that offshore workers have been bullied into silencc over the issue.

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