Jul 112014


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Charges expected after Vanuatu ferry sinking

The main thing put the ships to capsize is because there is a hole on the bottom of the hull and also overloaded with gallon of 6,000 litres of fuel, copr

New task force created to probe ferry accident

“We will discuss the opinions of the Saenuri Party, NPAD, the Justice Party and of course the victims’ families … and try hard [to enact the Sewol …

U.S. Navy Ship Spills 11,000 Gallons of Oil Into Boston Dry Dock

  Shipping near-misses on our coast

The grounding of the 177m-long Singaporean cargo ship Lake Triview on a reef off the coast of New Plymouth in May also features among the cases …

Two Kenyans held hostage after Somali pirates seize merchant ship

Mombasa, Kenya: Two Kenyan nationals are among those held hostage after Somali pirates seized a merchant ship on Friday. According to Andrew …

‘Worrying’ rise in piracy attacks around Malacca Strait

“The purpose of these attacks is to steal the cargo on board the ship,” adds … For the pirates, the stolen oil and gas are commodities which are both …

India Drops Charges Against Advanfort Private Security Crew

Lifeboat called out after tourist reports nine-year-old shipwreck

A tourist caused a full-scale alert for a Scots lifeboat crew after she reported a ship that had sunk nine years ago. The woman made the call after


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