Feb 122013
Five died and three injured in the worst lifeboat tragedy of recent years

Five died and three injured in the worst lifeboat tragedy of recent years

Transport Malta’s Marine Safety Investigation Unit, in collaboration with the Spanish authorities is investigating the lifeboat accident involving the Maltese registered passenger ship Thomson Majesty that happened in the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma in the Canary Islands during a routine lifeboat drill on Sunday.

The ship was berthed alongside when the accident happened on Sunday 10 February 2013 at about 1150 (UTC).

During a routine lifeboat drill one of the lifeboats fell into the sea and capsized trapping eight crew members inside.  Five crew members lost their lives as a result of the accident whilst the other three crew members were rescued with the assistance of local divers and authorities.  The injured crew members were transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

The passengers and rest of the crew members on board Thomson Majesty are reported to be safe and in good health.

Since Sunday afternoon, officials from the Marine Safety Investigation Unit have been in constant contact with the International Safety Managers of the vessel and the Spanish safety investigators.  As part of the safety investigation being conducted by the Marine Safety Investigation Unit, a safety investigator was deployed to investigate the accident.


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