Apr 022012

Open holes, a hazard when mooring

‘Watch your step’ is a lesson learned by an AB at the cost of a fractured foot while assisting with mooring lines according to a safety alert from Marine Safety Forum.

Says the alert: While vessel had to move approximately 300m to new berth, AB was on quay wall assisting with mooring lines. Able Seaman let go lines and walked to new position to make ready the other mooring lines. Able Seaman fell in unmarked drain or manhole on quay wall.

Brief Description of Root Cause:

No grid over deep drain or manhole, no hazard marking around the hole. Able Seaman not familiar with the area.

Learnings and Preventative Actions:

Watch your step when walking around all areas, especially when not familiar with the area. All areas should be examined so that slips trips and falls hazards are identified prior to commencement of any operations. All hazardous areas should be clearly marked. Having identified hazards, Risk Assessments are to be carried out. Use the risk assessment in consultation with the crew

Download safety flash here

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