Apr 202012

Security firm Nexus has called for an investigation into an internet video allegedly showing armed private security contractors firing at a fast-moving skiff. The firm believes  the video has ‘painted private security in a poor light’.

Though the validity of the video has not yet been verified  the video is troubling on a number of levels, says the firm’s president Kevin Doherty.

“Life is precious, and great care needs to be given by any security firm hired to provide defense. Threat identification, proper Use of Force understanding and incident de-escalation need to be paramount components of every security guard’s training.

“The Use of Force model is the cornerstone of any security firm. Nexus is thus calling on all security firms working in the maritime arena to review their Use of Force policies. Nexus has put its own UoF policies online.

(Cick more for video)

Nexus is calling on industry ass0ciation SAMI to conduct a through review of the incident to ensure that only the highest standards of service are being rendered through the association, and if needed, sanction the firm in the video. “Security associations must ensure that firms are held accountable for their actions and public statements” says Doherty.

The firm suggests ten simple questions to help vet potential security firms:

1. Does the security company protect any vessels from their own flag state?
2. Where is their insurance valid?
3. How do they export their weapons?
4. Has the security firm changed names recently?
5. What was their stance on armed details just a year ago?
6. What flag-states have cleared the firm for work?
7. What weapons do they utilize?
8. Do they retreat to the citadel when the bullets start to fly?
9. What P&I clubs have vetted them?
10. Finally, and most important, ask for prior CSO’s from firms they have covered and contact them.

Nexus also notes some resources on the use of force thanks to the United States Coast Guard and US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


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