Jan 192012

Complacency is the curse of safety so one particular comment by the master of the Costa Concordia caught MAC’s eye rather forcefully:

“I was navigating by sight because I knew the depths well and I had done this manoeuvre three or four times,” he reportedly said.

“But this time I ordered the turn too late and I ended up in water that was too shallow. I don’t know why it happened.”

There it is in a nutshell.

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  One Response to “A Wall-Worthy Costa Concordia Quote”

  1. In Tony Kern’s excellent book ”Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot”, he speaks about the rogue aircraft pilot – but there are rogue individuals in every calling; Doctors, dentists, and ship’s captains.

    If the above quote is truly from the captain of the Costa Concordia, it proves he was ”flying by the seat of his pants” – a classic ”watch this” moment. In Kern’s book, the author explains that the phrase ”watch this” is often the last words heard from the pilot (as recorded on the CVR) just before he tries some unauthorized manoeuvre … that fails…..

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