Aug 272011

Marine Safety Forum has issued the following alert:

When landing a chemical tank onto the supply vessel a Pressure Relief valve located adjacent to the tank’s main lid fell from the tank onto the deck of the vessel. This dropped object would have caused considerable injury or fatality had it fell while lifting to / from vessel / location. The tank was quarantined and the client notified.

Initial and further investigation revealed that the valve must have been subject to unauthorised removal and replacement, during which it had been cross-threaded thereby weakening the connection sufficiently to allow it to loosen and fall. The valve is only meant to be removed during periodic inspection by a qualified inspector. The investigation also revealed that it was difficult if not impossible for the quayside gantry to have spotted the fault.

The Supplier is adding an extra visual check to their procedure and is investigating ways to either isolate the valves or physically mark them as only to be removed by qualified inspectors.

Offshore are reminded that tote tank venting should only be carried out using the correct equipment fitted, not the Pressure Relief Valve.

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