Jul 252011

Says Marine Safety Forum:

A recent incident highlighted a complete breakdown in procedure.

  • The vessel was involved in the discharging of waste oil to a barge, the operation commenced at 0825 hrs using the port side waste oil connection.
  • At 0850 hrs the pumping of waste oil was stopped to facilitate a crew change.
  • The joining 2nd Engineer was informed during handover that everything was lined up and that the pumping of waste oil could be resumed when he was ready.
  • After the pumping had been stopped the off signing Chief Engineer instructed the Motorman who was watching the hose on deck to remove the vent plug from the starboard side connection to de pressurise the line – this information was not passed on to the joining 2nd Engineer.
  • At 0940 hrs the 2nd Engineer checked with the barge if it was ok to resume pumping and the pump was restarted.
  • At 0955 hrs the Motor man heard a noise from the starboard side and noticed waste oil spraying out from the starboard connection. The motor man immediately stopped the pump using the Emergency Stop.
  • Approximately 20 litres was spilt on the vessels deck with one litre going over the side into the water.

Contributory Factors as follows:

  • No check list was in use prior to commencing discharge of waste oil
  • During the handover all the relevant information was not passed on.
  • The joining crew did not use a check list before resuming operations.
  • The scupper plug under the waste oil saveall was not in place
  • The unused (stbd.) connection was not properly capped with the valve closed.
  •  A secondary check of the lines after resuming discharge of waste oil would have indicated the starboard connection was leaking
  • Company procedures were not adhered to.
  • Poor Communication
  • No evidence of a checklist being used for waste oil discharge since early 2010.

All personnel are reminded to ensure that Company Procedures are followed at all times. The use of a checklist would have prevented this incident from occurring. This incident also highlights the importance of a proper handover whether during crew change or change of watch.

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