May 022011

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News Headlines

Man Falls into Ship’s Cargo Hold

HOUSTON – Rescuers were called to the Port of Houston on Tuesday morning after a worker fell into a ship’s cargo hold. The incident happened just after 10 am on Dock 23. According to the Houston Fire Department, 15 rescue units and 60 firefighters


Fishing boats in Okhotsk Sea collision

Two Russian fishing boats in the Sea of Okhotsk have suffered a serious collision. One got a hole below the waterline and is now being escorted by a rescue ship to the western coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Reports speak about heavy fog in the


Fast action in coal ship grounding

AN extensive response process was set in motion as soon as a coal ship ran aground in Gladstone Harbour on Friday night, a marine safety spokesman said.


Explosion reported onboard Taiwanese boat, three killed… launched rescue operations after receiving notification of the explosion, contacting another fishing boat, the Hsiang Man -Ching, the nearest vessel in the vicinity and instructing it to rescue crewmembers who abandoned ship or were in life-boats.

Teen rescued from swamped lobster boat

The Coast Guard and Kensington Fire Department, using a zodiac boat, rescued three men and one girl Saturday. No injuries were reported during the incident, but they were cold and checked for hypothermia Treina Lockhart, 13, has a once in a lifetime



The analysis of the casualty stated that Master of the “Neftegaz-67” was acting in compliance with Rule 17 of the CollisionRegulations “The Stand-on Vessel”, while those onboard “Yao Hai” were acting in compliance with the Rule 9 “Narrow Channels”.


Small chemical spill at Port of Tacoma

(AP) – A Tacoma Fire Department hazmat crew is cleaning up a chemical spill that was discovered as workers were unloading a cargo container from a ship at the Port of Tacoma. Fire Department spokesman Joe Meinecke (MINE’-eh-kee) says firefighters were


Company could face payout over fire

The 25-year-old was part of a six-man team cleaning the ship for Peterhead-based Enviroco when fire spread through the engine room. The cleaning firm was sued by the Portlethen-based ship’s owners, Farstad Supply, for £2.7million in compensation for


DG Shipping denies sending report on INS Vindhyagiri collision

On January 30, INS Vindhyagiri was entering Mumbai harbour and proceeding at slow speed, when MV Nordlake, a Cyprus flag container carrier, proceeding out of harbour, collided with the naval warship leading to fire and flooding on board the naval ship.


Ombudsman investigates foreign worker exploitation

Dos Cordilla, Zenry Peteros and Roel Flores are waiting in the Philippines for a Fair Work Ombudsman’s ruling on 18 months of work on Australia’s north-west oil rigs. ZENRY PETEROS, MARINE PAINTER: It’s a long-time job, it’s a long, hard job, 12 hours,


IMO okays guidelines on fair treatment of seafarers

MANILA, Philippines — The legal committee of the International Maritime … Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Accident,


Police: Boat that capsized on the Chesapeake Bay has not been found

Lifejackets helped to save the two who survived the accident, highlighting why they are important, Windemuth said. Divers and sonar are being used to try and locate the vessel, but it might be difficult to find, Windemuth said.

Conference on underwater pollution threats

An international conference, Wrecks of the World II: Evaluating and Addressing Potential Underwater Threats, will take place on 6 and 7 June in Maryland USA to investigate global pollution concerns.

Bligh announces ship tracking station for Gladstone

She says the decision follows the grounding of the Chinese coal carrier Shen Neng 1 on the reef near Rockhampton in April last year. Ms Bligh says MSQ will takeover a part of the Gladstone Entertainment Centre as its new headquarters to improve safety

Computer based learning for vessel defence


S’pore tanker boarded by suspected pirates

Piracy has surged in these waters in recent years especially off the lawless east African nation of Somalia. Earlier this month, a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) maritime patrol plane was deployed to beef up patrols against piracy in Gulf of


Iranian Warships Fend Off Pirates’ Attack On Bulk Ship

The Iranian Navy announced on Saturday that it managed to save the vessel named ‘Zarsan’ which had come under attack by two speedboats 30 miles off the coasts of Pakistan’s Karachi port. The pirates fled the scene after they came under heavy fire from


Indian seafarers protest pirate Asphalt Venture hostage-keeping

Indian seafarers marched in Mumbai yesterday to demand action against piracy. The march was organized by the National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI), the Maritime Union of India as well as shipowners’ representatives. Its aim was to show solidarity


Preventive Measures Needed in War Against Piracy at Sea

Melda Kamil Ariatno, an international maritime law expert at the University of Indonesia, said measures beyond insuring a ship were necessary and warned that paying off pirates would not put an end to the scourge of piracy. “It will set a bad precedent



The analysis of the casualty stated that Master of the “Neftegaz-67” was acting in compliance with Rule 17 of the Collision Regulations “The Stand-on Vessel”, while those onboard “Yao Hai” were acting in compliance with the Rule 9 “Narrow Channels”.


Pirates free 24 Pinoy seafarers

… of maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean before the United Nations and other international organizations. The Philippines is a member of the intergovernmental Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia.


Firms plan private war against pirates

The International Maritime Bureau in London reports that piracy hit an all-time high in the first quarter of 2011 with 142 attacks worldwide, mostly by Somali sea bandits. Of the 97 attacks pinned on Somali pirates, up from 35 in the equivalent period

Off The Radar


Ancient Roman Ship Discovered

The ship is estimated to be from between 25 BCE to 197 CE. The harbor at Osteria was originally 4 kilometers inland from its present location. Previous archaeological finds at Osteria have been public latrinas, taverns, public baths a fire fighting


Sinking of Titanic was the spur for more lifeboats

Only months after the Titanic disaster, he claimed that modern ships had watertight compartments and were unlikely to sink. He said that the latest ships were fitted with wireless technology, and so could appeal to other vessels for aid;


Lifeboat heroes rescue yob who stole RNLI cash

He also pocketed money collected for a handicapped youngster, bottles of spirits and a fire extinguisher. But two months later, as he faced charges, the fishing boat he was working on started to sink in stormy waters in the middle of the night.


Green light for Nautilus seafarer welfare project

This is part of a £4m-plus project to boost welfare provision for former seafarers and their dependants. The project ― which will be formally opened in 2014 ― will involve the construction of a new community facility for the 160 residents of the


Trawler nets suspected torpedo in Forth

A ROYAL Navy bomb disposal unit is carrying out a controlled explosion on a suspected torpedo caught in the nets of a fishing boat in the Firth of Forth yesterday. The crew of the prawn vessel Sea Spray made their surprise discovery while hauling in


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