Apr 132011

Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority, PSA, will hold a press conference on its report from 2010 concerning trends in risk level in the petroleum activity (RNNP) at 12.00 on Wednesday 27 April.

Developments in the level of risk in the petroleum activity are a matter of concern to everyone involved in this industry, but are also of general interest.

The press conference will be held at the PSA’s premises in Stavanger, and journalists, industry representatives, workers in the industry and others with an interest are welcome.

The press conference, which will be held in Norwegian, will also be broadcast live on the PSA’s web TV.

Measure and improve
Activities related to the RNNP focus on measuring and improving the status of health, safety and the environment (HSE) in the Norwegian petroleum industry offshore and at land-based plants. The results are presented in annual reports.

Work on the RNNP monitors trends in risk level with the aid of various methods, such as incident indicators, barrier data, interviews with key informants, seminars, field work and questionnaire-based surveys.

Report in English
A press release on the results of the RNNP will be published in English after the press conference.

The summary RNNP report for the Norwegian continental shelf (excluding the land-based plants) will also be available in English shortly.


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