Feb 252011
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News Headlines

Libyan Ports Shut Down Due to Violence
Trade sources report that communication with Libyan ports has become impossible.

Grounded fishing vessel lost over 4000 gallons of fuel
AFOGNAK ISLAND — The 86-foot fishing vessel Midnight Sun spilled an estimated 4670 gallons of diesel fuel and oils after grounding on Afognak Island just after midnight Feb. 11, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said.

Godafoss: Smaller Leak and Damages than Feared
until the ice has melted, he said, and the long-term effects cannot be estimated until after cleaning is completed. The ship was carrying 800 tons of oil when it ran aground, so the accident could have had serious consequences for the environment.

RAF chief slams ‘blunders’ by Coastguard in rescue bid
Last night the only witness to the capsize, and the person who raised the alarm, outdoors instructor James Lancashire, 36, said: “I definitely told the Coastguard 999 operator that the boat accident was just off Kilmory on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

Bombay HC places merchant vessel under civil arrest
Post-mishap, Mr. Kambatta said, the 2800-tonne naval ship was dragged for five minutes by the 16000-tonne vessel. Later a fire broke out on `INS Vindhyagiri’, causing a lot of damage. Counsel of Sea Consortium, an agent of the MV Nordlake,

Fisherman rescued from sinking boat

A fisherman has been rescued by another vessel before his boat sank. He put out a Mayday call when his nine-metre boat started taking on water in the Moray Firth about five miles north of Lossiemouth at 8am on Thursday.

New Docs Released in Deadly Coast Guard Crash
A Coast Guard vessel was traveling at about 25 mph when it hit a recreational boat at the Parade of Lights on Mission Bay and killed an 8-year-old boy, a crew member on board estimates. The collision occurred as boats were gathered in San Diego Bay for

‘No blame’ for loss of fishing boat Trident in 1974
No-one was to blame for the sinking of a trawler which sank in 1974 with the loss of seven lives, a report has said. The Peterhead boat Trident sank off Caithness, and relatives have since expressed concerns about stability.

Ship metres from harbour crash
Sydney Morning Herald
The ageing and poorly maintained vessel – an 8500-tonne military transport in continuous action for 40 years, first with the US and since 1994 with Australia – had lost power following an onboard fire shortly before 4pm on September 21.

Computer based learning for vessel defence


Somalia Analysts Suggest Better Strategies to Fight Piracy
While there have been growing international efforts to deal with what experts call the piracy crisis, the International Maritime Organization says the situation has progressively worsened. Over the past 12 months, it reports nearly 290 piracy-related

Indian Navy deploys surveillance aircraft in Seychelles
New Delhi, Feb 24 (PTI) Indian Navy has deployed a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft in the Seychelles for carrying out anti-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean Region. Stationed at the Seychelles” capital Victoria, the Dornier was deployed .

NATO Hoping Ukraine To Take Part In Alliance’s Operations Against Pirates In
Ukrainian News Agency
The NATO hopes that Ukraine will join the operations under the aegis of the Alliance on combating maritime piracy in Indian Ocean, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said taking floor at the Kyiv National Shevchenko University.

Off The Radar

Royal couple’s date to unveil the Hereford Endeavour lifeboat
The engaged couple will today (Thursday) take a break from their wedding plans to unveil the Hereford Endeavour lifeboat. The Royal National Lifeboat Institute was only able to buy the new rescue craft following an 18-month campaign led by Marilyn and .

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