Jan 252011

Bad connection leads to fire

And another fire, this time due to sparks from an ill-fitting fluorescent tube arrangement, which was dowsed quickly thanks to effective response by the crew of the cargo ship Uiloq . A similar cause earlier led to a fire aboard a Faroese fishing vessel with the tragic loss of 11 lives.

The fire broke out when electric arcing developed in the sockets in a fluorescent tube fixture in the same way as the fire broke out on the Faroese flagged fishing vessel Hercules in 2007.

Fluorescent tube fixtures with poor mechanical andelectric connection between the sockets and the tubes and with ballasts without open circuit and short circuit protection present a potential risk of causing fire on ships that are moving and vibrating . The fluorescent tubes in question did not fulfil the requirements for preventing over- heating damaging cables and surrounding material.
Says the Danish Maritime Authroity report into the incident: “ Fluorescent tube fixtures used on vessels should be according to certain standards and marked accordingly, allowing the user to choose the right equipment and discard the unsuitable”.

Get the full report here.


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