Dec 062010
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Hong Kong’s  Director of Marine has ordered an investigation into a collision that occurred early this morning (December 7). Meanwhile, the Marine Department’s Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre is co-ordinating a search and rescue operation for seven missing crew of a sand barge involved in the collision.

At 3.15am, the Marine Police received a report that a sand barge with 14 crew members on board and a container vessel with nine crew members collided east of Tung Lung Chau.

The sand barge capsized and is semi-submerged at the southern tip of Tung Lung Chau. A marker buoy has been laid to mark the position.

Seven crew members have been rescued and sent to Eastern Hospital while seven are missing. Among the seven rescued, one was certified dead while one has been admitted in stable condition, and five have been treated and discharged.

Searches at the scene by police launches, fire boats, Marine Department launches and Government Flying Service helicopter continue.

Crew members of the container vessel, which is in Chai Wan Public Cargo Working Area, are safe.


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