Nov 262010

Song Cheng: After 13 Years the rudder fell off

Song Cheng, a 1987-built containership registered in China grounded in the Kanmon Strait last year because its rudder fell off, says Japan’s Mainichi Daily News. It reports on the Japan Transport Safety Board investigation into the incident on 28 July 2009.

According to the Mainichi report: “…investigators found that a part designed to prevent the nut holding the rudder in place from coming loose appeared to have never been installed. Additionally, a plate meant to keep seawater out from where the rudder and the body of the ship met was also apparently never installed. This may have allowed seawater to enter and weaken the structure around the nut, the report said”.

Says Mainichi: “The safety board noted it had “never before heard of” a merchant ship having an accident at sea caused by a rudder falling off”.

After 13 years the rudder of the Panasia Shipping-owned vessel fell off, the vessel lost steering and after narrowly colliding with another vessel ran aground.


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