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Lifeboat Safety Survey – Investigators Only, This Time

MAC is carrying out a series of surveys among various industry stakeholders with regard to lifeboat safety. The objective is to take a snapshot of a number of slices of the industry, from seafarers to shipowners and LSA manufacturers and providers.

The first questionnaire is aimed at maritime and offshore casualty investigators and those with an investigation remit. If you are not a casualty investigator or a person with an investigation remit please do not respond to this survey – your turn will come!

You can complete the survey here: Lifeboat Safety Survey – Investigators

We welcome your participation, thank you for taking the trouble and time to help us and we apologise in advance for the ugliness of some of the question matrices.


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imageNews Headlines


1 Dead, 6 Missing after Boat Collision off E. China
The tug boat involved in the collision is participating in the search and rescue work. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Danish coaster assisted American vessel
The Danish owned coaster Erria Vietnam assisted an American owned coaster when it suffered from an engine breakdown while at sea in the Caribbean area. The Erria Vietnam, flying Antigua Read more

Water taxi hits Seattle pier
the Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Police Harbor Patrol crews responded to the scene and are transporting the passengers and crew off the vessel.

Faulty valve causes ship gas leak
A faulty valve has caused a gas leak on board a ship at Outer Harbor in Adelaide. Twelve Metropolitan Fire Service trucks went to the scene about 7:00am.

Driven Wind Ship Collision Dock
A freighter, which was named "Kawa Mas", Saturday (25 / 9) yesterday hit thedock when it will be back in Port Jaya Pura. As a result, the two pillars.

Sailboat mast crashes down; passengers rescued
The vessel is certified by the Coast Guard to carry passengers, and is inspected every year, Wallace said. The Coast Guard is investigating the incident.

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a local fishing boat crashed into
The vessel had been fishing for cuttle and squid all day and was making its way back to Brixham when the accident happened, said the port’s assistant

Life jackets key to survival
however, from 225 in 2009 to 155 this year, as did the number of vessels towed (89 to 31); rescue missions (63 to 53); and accidents (eight to three).

Beacon on boat saves lives of five men
The men activated an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and phoned police to say their boat was sinking. A rescue operation involving water

Arctic ships sail into policy vacuum
The potential danger of ship traffic in the Canadian Arctic was highlighted recently with the grounding of two separate ice-strengthened ships within one

Other Casualty Reports

Maritime Bulletin

A Chinese vessel, MV Feng Shun Shan, was on Wednesday night attacked by four suspected armed robbers at Berth 9 of the Lagos Port Complex (LPC), an official with the GMT Shipping Nigeria Ltd told Xinhua.
A deputy general manager of the company in Nigeria, Babatunde Joseph, disclosed this to Xinhua on telephone on Friday, saying the vessel had sailed into the port on Tuesday. "About 22:00 hours on Wednesday, four armed men came with a flying boat and used their rope to come on board the vessel," he told Xinhua. He said the hoodlums met the Chinese Commissar Duty officer and one of the crew members on board, adding that the operation lasted 15 minutes.
Joseph said the hoodlums were unable to shoot in order not to attract attention, adding however that the duty officer was severely beaten. He said the wounded officer had been taken to a hospital in Lagos.
He told Xinhua that the robbers made away with a walkie talkie, one mobile phone and some cabin keys of the vessel. The hoodlums, he added, were unable to enter the residential area of the vessel.

Freighter ran aground in Limfjord
General cargo Peikko ran agorund in the Limfjord in the afternoon of Sep 23, 2010, being underway to Nykøbing Mors. The ship was coming from Hamburg and sailing without pilot, and there is no pilot required when heading for Nykøbing, though captains prefer to be assisted by pilot when entering Nykøbing. So it was also thought it may have been a navigational mistake wich caused the actual grounding. It was planned to refloat the vessel on Sep 24 either with own power or in case of failure with tug assistance. This, however, may take some time as there is no tug available in Nykøbing. Before being salvaged, the ship will be checked regarding its seaworthyness
Peikko will not be refloated before Sep 27 as no pilot will be available before this date, SOK announced.

Ferry struck pier and holed, Greece
On Sep 25, 2010, the "Super Ferry 2″, as it approached the island of Tinos, allided with the main pier and sprang aleak. The ship had departed from the island of Andros carrying 124 passengers. No injuries reported. The ferry will not be able to sail until the controlled water ingress is totally stopped. The Coast Guard is investigating the conditions and causes of the accident. Superferry II IMO 7346221, dwt 1029, built 1974, flag Greece.

Danish freighter towed disabled freighter to safety
Danish coaster Erria Vietnam assisted the Nera II which suffered engine breakdown while in Caribbean on September 19. Erria Vietnam came to the rescue and towed Nera II to El Bluff roads, Nicaragua. Erria Vietnam resumed voyage. Nera II IMO 8502365, dwt 3050, built 1985, flag Antigua.

Fire engulfed bulker’s superstructure, Norway
Bulk carrier Paros suffered strong fire while staying in Haavik Norway, on September 22, fire spreaded up to the bridge. Fire extinguished only next day, September 23.

General cargo sinking in stormy Carribean waters
General cargo Ocean Blue on September 22 sinking in Carribean off Haiti experiencing heavy weather, crew evacuated.




UAE offers armed escorts for tankers
The statements were made on the sidelines of a press conference announcing a wide-ranging maritime safety campaign aimed at residents, fishermen,

Somali leader slams Al-Shabaab, piracy
Ahmed also raised the issue of maritime piracy, a major problem for world trade that emanates from his country. "Maritime terrorism is no less dangerous

IMO earmarks N375m to equip African maritime institutions
The Minister of Transport, Yusuf Suleiman, said the issue of piracy and armed robbery on the high sea were major problems that had continued to confront


Off The Radar

Lifeboat in rescue of stag party
A lifeboat was scrambled at 1700 BST on Saturday and picked up two of the party who were suffering from mild exposure. A Mumbles lifeboat spokesperson said

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